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Yoga shala canterbury

Offers a safe environment for beginners and more experienced practitioners alike

We aim to create a safe environment for any practitioners who wish to take their practice to the next stage in a supportive community.
We offer daily yoga classes, pranayama & meditation sessions as well as workshops, sound baths, masterclasses and retreats to help you deepen your practice.
Ezgi Korkanc-acar

“Shala” is a Sanskrit term that translates as “house” or “home” or “adobe”.

We have a dedicated team of teachers to help you enhance the experience of “being home” when you are on your mat.

Our studio provides a non-judgmental and non-competitive environment where you can share experiences and benefit from our teachers’ knowledge to strengthen your connection with the practice of yoga.

Our team offers a range of daily classes, masterclasses, workshops and retreats.

We cannot wait to meet you on the mat.


Daily Classes

We offer a range of daily classes. Always check out our timetable for up-to-date info.

Private or Corporate Sessions

Get in touch if you are interested in private yoga classes. We also offer Yoga at your work space. Let us know what you need.

Workshops & Retreats

Yoga Shala Canterbury offers workshops & masterclasses as well as retreats at different locations to help our community come together and share their practice.

Meet our team

Ezgi Korkanc-Acar

Ezgi’s Yoga journey started in 2010. She completed her first teacher training with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2017 and has been teaching since then.
In 2020 she travelled to India for further training and completed a 200-hrs Ashtanga Yoga Programme.
Ezgi currently teaches Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga.
Her Ashtanga Yoga approach has evolved over the years and mainly focuses on making this method accessible to everybody. She finds the meditative character of the set sequence safe, calming and grounding. Her motivation is to introduce this method to as many people as possible and help them experience these qualities in their Yoga journeys too.
In a Mysore Ashtanga class, Ezgi will support you when learning the sequence and introduce some modifications according to your needs.
She also enjoys teaching Pranayama and Meditation-focused classes and workshops.

Ingrid Boas

Ingrid has been teaching Hatha yoga for over 7 years and brings a calm and relaxed atmosphere to those who are both new to yoga or more experienced. She aims to promote balance to the whole body, providing a whole range of spinal movements, alongside static movements, which target the body’s deeper connective tissue.

Ingrid has completed both her British Wheel of Yoga teacher training and, through the Yoga Alliance, her Yin Yoga teacher training. Through this formal training and her own personal practice, Ingrid shares the benefits of combining different types of yoga and believes the practice can be for everyone.
Ingrid’s approach to yoga remains focused on the balance between strength and flexibility and helps everyone to explore their own inner peace with breathwork in her classes.

Joanna Fiakkas

Jo has been practising yoga since 1999 and teaching since 2008 after completing the BWY teacher training. Growing up with some knowledge of the philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga, this underpins both her own practice and her teaching.

Classes have a strong emphasis on the breath and the felt experience of body and movement to find fluidity and ease, both physically and mentally. Her main interest lies in the therapeutic aspects of Yoga resulting in training as a Yoga Therapist with YogaCampus in January 2023. Jo is also an Occupational Therapist working in the NHS mental health services with a wealth of experience in supporting others through mental distress and empowering them to find inner resilience and spaces of inner comfort and self-knowledge.

Kate Alexander

Kate is a Hatha & Vinyasa Teacher and has been teaching since 2022. She has been practising for over 10 years, having first been introduced to Hatha and Ashtanga whilst studying Contemporary Dance at University.

Kate strongly believes that yoga is for everyone and strives to provide inclusive classes with variations to suit each unique body. Kate’s classes are a chance to connect more deeply to your mind and body; listening and practising with kindness and compassion to ourselves. 


” Feeling so refreshed after that wonderful yoga session! Looking forward to the next class! Thank you for the positive energy and guidance.”

Ayben Dandin

“I have tried one of Ezgi‘s classes last week called „Deep Rest“ taking place on Wednesday evenings.
It was a wonderfully relaxing class from start til end.
Supported by meditative music in the background, we did some breathing exercises and poses that support to deeply relax and focus within.
Whenever needed, Ezgi explained poses in more detail and supported positions with blocks, Yoga rolls and blankets. This allowed me to focus fully on the poses and on the mind.
I came out of the class with a clear mind, relaxed, but somehow energized being fully present after a buzzing work day!
Thank you.”

Laura B.

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Share your experience and help us spread the word. Feel free to mention class/teacher names if you wish to share something special about them.


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