Handmade Yoga Props & Tops

Some of the Yoga props you use at the shala are handmade by Ezgi in her home studio. Ezgi originally studied Textile Engineering at uni and she currently has an online small business. She is passionate about fabrics and some other materials in textiles.

When she decided to open Yoga Shala Canterbury she wanted to add little touches to make practitioners’ experiences more special hence some of the props are handmade mindfully by her. Ezgi is proud of being able to combine her two passions; yoga and textiles and make them available for everyone in the shala. After years of experience in using Yoga props, she even made some adjustments so they are more user-friendly and helpful to improve your practice.

If you are happy using the props in the studio and wish to have them for your home practice, below are the details.

When you click the “DETAILS & SHOP” button it will take you to her online store and you’ll be able to see all product details and purchase the item you want.

Natural Dyed- Organic Cotton, Lavender Eye Pillow for Shavasana or Soundbath

Can you believe that we can achieve this gorgeous pinkish colour by dyeing organic cotton with avocado stones?

The filling of the eye pillows is a mix of flaxseed, English lavender and essential oil.

Organic Buckwheat Bolster

The perfect tool for Yin or Restorative Yoga as well as meditation and Shavasana.

We have the black fabric with a print option in the shala but if you would like other colours, get in touch.

The filling is organic buckwheat hulls.

Yoga Strap, Belt - Long

These straps are longer than most other straps that are commonly used in Yoga studios.

Organic Yoga Tops

HTV-printed boxy-fit organic tops are available in several print colours.

Special Offer For First Time Clients

£20 for 10 DAYS

Take advantage of this special offer if you are a new client, no obligation to continue your membership when this offer expires…


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