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We are so excited to have Yo!Kids at the Shala and bring Family Yoga to Canterbury.
Yoga shared as a family is a wonderful way to encourage playfulness through time spent together in a healthy activity.
The session aims to deepen connections and encourage communication with the use of partner poses, promote emotional regulation through the use of breathing techniques, and induce feelings of calm with a shared relaxation experience to end the session.

Yo!Kids look forward to welcoming families to the mat at Yoga Shala.

cost:£15 per one adult and a kid. If you wish to share this experience with 2 or more kids please get in touch and we’ll help you book.

suggested age range is 4 – 12 years.


ps: We require a minimum of 3 bookings for this event. You will receive a final confirmation 48 hours before the event so please keep an eye out for this email.

Family yoga

Mysore method is the traditional way of learning and practising Ashtanga Yoga however attending a Mysore class might be a bit daunting at first. Most people feel reluctant to join a class.

This workshop is designed for beginners and anyone with some Yoga experience but wishes to learn the Ashtanga Yoga Mysore method.

The basics of the Ashtanga Yoga method (breath, drishti, bandhas) will be covered. You will start building up the Primary Series starting from Sun Salutations A & B and the first couple of standing poses.

This course aims to help you;

  • understand how the Ashtanga Yoga Mysore method works,
  • feel confident in a Mysore (assisted self-practice) class.
  • start building a self-practice that encourages you to focus deeper and feel calmer in a hectic life.

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This is a strong and vigorous practice where we are going to be exploring key points of arm balances whether you are a beginner or more experienced.
The main arm balances we will focus on are;
* Bakasana (Crow Pose)
* Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm stand)
* Eka Pada Koundinyasana 2 (Hurdler’s pose)

This workshop is suitable for all abilities because different steps and stages will be introduced to make the poses accessible. We will also use props and wall to support and deepen our experience.

If you have wrist & shoulder injuries please get in touch to discuss if it’s suitable for you.

restorative yoga and sound bath canterbury

Andrea and Ezgi are coming together to offer you an evening full of relaxation and self-reflection.

At the beginning of the evening, you’ll be introduced to a simple breathing exercise to arrive and settle. Then Ezgi will take you through a group of gentle restorative postures to prepare you for the soundbath.

Andrea will guide a magical Sound Bath journey weaving together crystal singing bowls, vocals and percussion instruments. Her unique, Crystal Singing Bowl and Voice sound bath sessions offer the opportunity for self-enquiry and deep rest.

Andrea plays a set of 7 Crystal Singing Bowls and specialises in playing clear and alchemy crystal singing bowls due to their clearer tone and overtones.

Sound healing is the application of sound through the voice and instruments to balance mind, body and spirit. Some people feel a sense of deep relaxation.

It is recommended that you do not consume any alcohol up to 24 hours before the session.

The session will last for 60 minutes and will begin with a brief introduction to sound healing and what to expect. Next there will be an opening meditation and Andrea will lead you into a relaxed space, to allow yourself to be immersed in the sounds.

Towards the end of the session there will be approximately 5 minutes of silence during which the healing can take place. Andrea will then gently bring you out of the session using her voice, grounding you and bringing you back to full conscious awareness feeling relaxed and refreshed.

The sessions will require participants to simply relax and receive the sounds played, which can have a calming effect on the mind and body. It is recommended that participants bring a blanket and eye mask if required.

There are some contraindications. Please discuss with us whether a sound bath will be suitable for you if any of the circumstances listed below apply to you:

  • The first trimester of pregnancy
  • Epilepsy
  • Pacemaker, or heart condition
  • Metal implants or plates in the body

Monthly members get a 10% discount

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